A while ago, I interviewed John Haegele, a sports media veteran who carries an impressive resume from his time at the NFL, with Mark Cuban, Yahoo! Sports, and a bevy of consulting and advisory roles.

What started as an interesting trip down memory lane within sports and sports broadcasting, turned…

How OBJ cultivated a brand that resonates with young audiences

How Odell Beckham Jr. Became the Most Popular NFL Player

Where does Odell Beckham Jr. rank on NFL top player lists?

Going into last season, CBS had Odell ranked at #10.

According to Bleacher Report, OBJ isn’t even in the top 14 at his position (wide receiver) going into the 2021 season. Perhaps slightly understandable because of his recent injury.

a gaming keyboard close u p image
eSports digital business models are something to be learned from

“You are watching someone else play video games? You’ve entered new dimensions of nerdliness.”

A small wave of shame trickles down my spine as my dad shuts the door and leaves the room. I whisper whatever 2011’s version of “boomer” might have been and eat another pringle.

Despite this shame…

An analogy that I can’t seem to get out of my head after my most recent Call of Duty “Cold War” binge is how the digital “Attention Economy” is something of a cold war between social media platforms.

The attention economy refers to, of course, the concept that consumer attention…


This episode of the Liquidicast features Ron, Thomas, and Jonas — 3 members of the Liquiditeam as they talk about digital sponsorships in the world of sports.

From performance vs brand marketing to digital attribution, the gang talks about how we are creating a toolkit for teams, athletes, and brands to better activate sponsorships using sponsored tokens.

Natively available on the LT Fan Platform, this feature represents an exciting new iteration of digital sponsoring.

Ron’s LinkedIn:

Thomas’ LinkedIn:

Jonas’ LinkedIn:

Find us at Liquiditeam

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Ron Jaradat

Digital Marketing Playmaker at Liquiditeam | Writes about Blockchain, the creator economy, and fantasy football.

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