Chemical engineering, dealing with the loss of a loved one, finding out what my girlfriend wants to eat, and marketing to Generation Z (Gen Z). All are examples of things that are universally accepted as hard to do. So much so that for the last one, in 2017, the Minnesota Vikings hired the 18-year old Gen Z guru, Jonah Stillman, to help the team connect with the next generation of fans.

But hold up, why are Gen Zers such an important segment that the Vikings had to bring in a specialist to crack the code? …

a gaming keyboard close u p image
a gaming keyboard close u p image
eSports digital business models are something to be learned from

“You are watching someone else play video games? You’ve entered new dimensions of nerdliness.”

A small wave of shame trickles down my spine as my dad shuts the door and leaves the room. I whisper whatever 2011’s version of “boomer” might have been and eat another pringle.

Despite this shame, eSports has been on an interstellar trajectory ever since. An important driver of this might be because the mechanisms of the medium invite innovation, unlike any other sport.

How, you probably aren’t asking? The sport is played digitally, watched digitally (mostly), purchases are made digitally, and the core fan demographics…

“Tech giants are listening to my every thought! They’ve got my house wired dude… I’ve seen that white van parked on my street last week too”

We’ve all been there.

You were having a conversation about something with your friend, you unconsciously open up Instagram, and see an advertisement for that exact product you were talking about.

*X-Files intro song*

Targeted advertisements feel a little intrusive but I reckon it isn’t because of supernatural phenomena or your house being audio tapped. It’s actually because of the core business model of social media platforms.

As soon as I began to understand…

A Beneficial Americanization of Football?

Soccer has quickly become one of my favorite sports since I moved from Los Angeles to Germany about three-years ago. I had always been a big soccer fan but by disconnecting from US sports and sporting formats, I have grown to really love the relegation/pyramid style format of European soccer and the pressure/importance of late season fixtures.

I think it’s a system that is traditional, exciting, and more importantly, it works here in Europe.

Hedge complete.

However, I do think the outrage surrounding the Super League announcement has been slightly reflexive and misdirected.

A lot of pundits and media personalities…

Liquidicast Huddle

We recently launched the Liquidicast podcast and recorded our first internal episode that covers eSports digital business models and is a great supplement to the eSports article I wrote a couple weeks prior.

First, a bit of background of the Liquidicast:

The Liquidicast ‘Huddle’, presented by Liquiditeam is the “internal” series on the Liquidicast — which is our opportunity to discuss some interesting topics amongst ourselves while sharing some insights with our listeners. The first episode, hosted by Thomas Euler and myself dives into the mechanics of eSports digital business models. …

How to win the attention battle with an audience that doesn’t pay attention

Image by author

When I log into Netflix, my screen is filled with an endless slider of “Continue watching” selections with little red bars sitting sadly around the 20% mark.

“No Netflix, I don’t want to continue watching Selling Sunset. I definitely don’t want to find out what happened with Chrishell and Christine after that fiery argument and cliff hanger which was honestly such a dramatic and… ok fine.”

But seriously, the “Back to Browse” button might be my most used feature on Netflix. …

The comment I hear from many B2B marketers (including myself early on) is: “I wish I had more data about my ideal customer and content effectiveness.”

How or why does this happen?

Let’s pretend you are a weight lifting product manufacturer and your main customer base is gyms in the US.

According to Statista’s study on the number of health clubs & fitness centers, in 2017, your audience pool would be 38,477 potential gyms you can market your products to.

Now imagine you are one of those gyms, let’s take a franchise like Planet Fitness who has over 1800 locations…

The most important advertising and digital marketing strategy

Google Search.

Google Maps.

Google Docs.



Without Google, where would I store my digital files? How would I navigate to the nearest Taco Bell? How would I search for who has the most rebounds in NBA history?

Google has a suite of products that are all free to use, powerful, and extremely useful in everyday life.

And while we blissfully use all of those solutions, we are consequently helping Google construct a digital avatar of all of our interests, hobbies, purchasing behavior, etc.

Define and understand your ideal audience.

Original Article

Foster real relationships with your customers

What do you imagine when you think of a typical customer of your product or service? Do you ever put yourself in their shoes and outline their needs? The practice of doing so is what we in the biz like to call: a buyer persona.

Buyer personas or “marketing personas” are essentially a general template or fictitious representation of your ideal customer or customers. Depending on your industry, your ideal customer may take many forms, demographics, genders, ages, etc.

Buyer personas are pivotal in web marketing, sales, product management, customer service, etc…

The Answer is 42.

Have you heard the term: buyer’s journey or customer journey? What exactly is it? It is essentially the journey or logical path that a potential customer will go through to making a purchase. In web marketing and digital marketing, that journey can get a little tricky!

Bold Definition

The ideal lifecycle of a buyer’s journey consists of four key stages: awareness, justification, consideration, and decision. If we analyze the journey by segmenting each stage, we can determine what formats of content are the most suitable.

A caveat to accomplishing this is ensuring you have defined your buyer or customer personas. …

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Digital Marketing Playmaker at Liquiditeam — Making innovative fan engagement and crowdfunding solutions for professional sports clubs & athletes.

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